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Stick Wars 2 Hacked

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Stick Wars 2 Hacked is a real time strategy game that puts you in the helm of a commander of an army to fight an ancient war. As nations start clashing, you are tasked to build your army by training your troops, defending your castle, and destroying your opponent’s castle in order to be victorious. Gather gold and build up mana in order to train your soldiers, bolster your castle’s defenses, and purchase weapons to destroy the opposing army. Which one will emerge the victor in the full-scale war of attrition and wits? Use your strategy, tactics, and resource management to win the fight.

Stick Wars 2 game features:

· Completely free-to-play from your web browser.
· A story-driven campaign for your army to conquer.
· 14 different campaign levels that grow more challenging one after another.
· Choose from a variety of units like the Swordwrath, Spearton, and Giants to build your own army.
· Customize and personalize your army with unique weapons and armor.
· Unlock different technologies and weapons to destroy the enemy’s castle.
· Upgrade your troops and make your army stronger with new weapons.
· New units available to choose from (Medusa, Eclipsor, Juggerknights, Albowcross, Shadowwrath, and more.)
· New gadgets and abilities for your soldiers to dominate the enemy’s army.
· Play through single player campaign, custom match, or practice.
· Play with your friends online and dominate with your army in Classic or Death Matches.
· Chat with friends and opponents during battles.
· New backgrounds available as your battlefield (desert, forest, swamp, frozen wasteland, and more.)

In Stick Wars 2 Hacked, build your army and formulate the best strategy that suits your playstyle. Do you prefer to go on the defensive and wear out the enemy or do you go on the attack and tear down your opponent’s castle in one go. It’s completely up to you. Your imagination is your only limit in this game – be creative in taking down the enemy army and destroying their castle. Have a good time playing this game at our website for free.

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